Many years ago, Jo Olson brought her pony to a friend's birthday party for the kids to pet and ride.
Seeing how the children and everyone loved it so much, Jo decided to begin bringing her pony to more events.
Soon more animals were added and the rest is history!

From the beginning Jo has always had animals in her life and wanted to help all animals in need.
As a teen Jo began showing and training horses and continued to do so throughout her life.
Her need to help animals gave her the drive to go to technical school.
For over seventeen years Jo has been putting her schooling to use as a vet tech.
USD License and insured
For over fifteen years Jo has also been raising labrador retrievers.
Jo enjoys sharing her love for animals with kids, and helping create a new experiences for them.

Jo now has a wide variety of animals with many different personalities.
They love attention and children love the experience of being able to pet, feed and even ride these wonderful animals.

About Jo & Joah's Ark